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We journey alongside professional women who want to thrive in their career and personal life as they heal and manage the challenges of mental illness, trauma, and/or relational wounds.



We behold your culturally rich and complex story with the highest regard, focusing on your strengths and inner resources.

We behold you in your family system, your communities and the various cross-cultural schemas you navigate.

We behold your true inner voice and allow your thoughts and feelings to emerge at your pace.


We come alongside you to discover who you truly want to become.

We support you to develop the practical skills and tools to become emotionally aware, agile and resilient.

We empower you to re-author your story from being a slave to fear to becoming a conqueror.

Your intrinsic value and worth is not altered, even if you have endured trauma. We acknowledge the problems you face but we are committed to focusing on your whole person.  


In light of research in interpersonal neurobiology, we know healing accelerates when minds are attuned in a trusting environment where one feels acceptance, validation, affirmation, compassion and belonging. We behold a vision of the world where people live in the awareness of their sacred interdependence of one another. We offer a holding space where you learn grounding skills so that steadily you can re-enter a sense of safety, belonging and integration within your own body. As you heal from the inside out, we encourage clients to seek out healthy friendship, organic mentorship ( in your natural context), creative community groups and therapeutic support group relationships that can inspire you to sustain your momentum of  positive change. We behold the healing process as an eco-system, where people
 of shared healing goals can encourage one another and find diverse perspectives and wisdom to fuel a true sense of belonging, resilient hope and emotional and spiritual renewal. 

Beholding Your Story with


Confidentiality is our priority. We enter the therapeutic relationship with evidence-based counselling services designed to empower you to develop new skills and mindsets to cope and overcome challenges. We are flexible and adaptive to the needs of each client. We offer transparency of our certifications and continuing education for therapeutic best-practices.

Gentle and Empowering Presence

During session, our counsellors make it our goal to truly listen to each individual with the highest respect, non-judgement and a strength-based focus.We stay attuned to the thoughts, feelings and physical felt sense of each client. Of particular importance to clients who grew up in negative environments of critical, harsh or destructive voices, we believe it is essential that clients access a warm, kind, gentle therapeutic presence in their healing process. As the therapeutic alliance grows stronger, we empower you to gain awareness,  language, skills and strategies to develop mental and emotional agility. 

Holistic Integration and Creative Freedom


We want your whole self to experience healing. For some clients this integration of mind, body, heart and soul involves exploring other forms of creative outlet to integrate with talk therapy.  Some experiences are hard to put into words. Clients are encouraged to bring their art, mind mapping, journaling, music, song-writing, movement, poetry, etc, into the session so that they liberated to express how they feel in the most empowering and healing forms.


We offer cross-cultural, trauma-informed, holistic therapy that empowers you to walk with self-regard, vision and resilient hope. 

Individual Counselling

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Fee:  $120+GST for 50 minute session

$180+GST for 80 minute session

Counselling for Professional Single Women

This service is to support single women in developing self awareness, courage, clarity and empowerment in making major life decisions or facing complex challenges/ crisis in personal or professional context

Fee:  $120+GST for 50 minute session

$180+GST for 80 minute session

Couples Counselling for Strength Building in Trust and Intimacy 

This service is developed for couples who want to proactively build clarity and confidence towards shared relationship goals. Counselling is supportive in pre-marriage preparation and new marriage vision casting and value alignment. We help couples discover, discuss and discern relational barriers, build clarity of each persons hopes for inner growth and authentic love and and celebrate couples' co-emergence from a strength-based approach. 

Fee: $150+GST for 50 minute session

$240+GST for 80 minute session.

Support Groups

Please email us to request customized support groups for your community, corporation, church ministry, etc. We are happy to strategize and find solutions to facilitate online support groups that work in tandem to your corporate wellness goals. 

BA, MA, RCC, is a Registered Clinical Counsellor


guilt and shame 

grief, anxiety, depression,

fears or or in intimate relationship and attachment challenges

fears of abandonment


destructive narcissistic relationships (parent-child, spousal, workplace relationships)

separation and divorce transition

cross-cultural conflicts within family system

challenges with self esteem, self-advocacy, singleness

alcoholism, drugs and substance or pornography misuse/abuse

PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder )

domestic abuse (forms of abuse: neglect, verbal, emotional, physical, sexual, spiritual)

identity and body image challenges

career transition, workplace conflicts, burnout

caregiver burnout (supporting family with illness or traumatic brain injury)

chronic illness management

spiritual crisis (doubt, resentment and disappointment with God or faith community)

Art By Yiya Yin

Life circumstances can become tremendously overwhelming.

My aim is to journey alongside you to build a strong foundation of trust and integrate therapies that cater to your needs, goals, cultural context, and health concerns. I work from a strength-based approach while using mindfulness and embodied techniques to bring awareness to both thought patterns and body experiences.

Within session, we will work in a creative and collaborative way at your pace. I will support you to develop self-awareness, cultivate your inner wisdom, coping skills and strategies to overcome your psychological /emotional needs. I invite you to apply mindfulness exercises and suggest affordable, inclusive books and online resources that empower you between sessions. As one comes into discovery and acceptance of their true self and be able to walk with a greater sense of empowerment, I am passionate to celebrate the small wins and not wait just for big victories alongside you. With compassion, warmth and some gentle humour, I am committed to offer a hybrid method of counselling and coaching clients in navigating life's challenges with resilient hope.

I value and respect people of diverse faith, spirituality and religious backgrounds. I define wellbeing as a synthesis of mind, body, heart and soul. I believe spiritual needs, values and experiences are important to discuss within counselling to bring insight and synthesis. I am passionate to support you to integrate your faith and spirituality in ways that are authentic and adds value and depth to your evolving identity and transformation.




Therapeutic models I may integrate to serve clients for their context may include:

Acceptance and Commitment Therapy

Dialectical Behaviour Therapy

Motivational Interviewing

Mindfulness & Biofeedback

Cognitive Behaviour Therapy

Art and Music Therapy


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"I have had the privilege to obtain counselling from Yiya Yin during the most difficult time of my life. It was a complex , confusing, delicate and emotionally draining time for me. Through her unique approach to counselling, I was able to obtain clarity, make personal decisions and feel for the first time that I was standing on solid ground again. It was an approach I found especially refreshing as it allowed me to untangle my emotional confusion which helped me to make decisions I felt were right for my own personal journey. I found Yiya to be incredibly approachable, a good listener, compassionate and most importantly a skilled counsellor and emotional navigator."

Anonymous - Medical Doctor

I am immensely grateful to Yiya for her ongoing support, deep conversations and inspiration. I would like to especially thank Yiya for carefully supporting me on this creative healing journey. It is her kind, patient, inspiring treatment that helped me to reach an entirely new height in my work, a different stage. It was great brainstorming. I felt appreciated, supported, attentively listened to and encouraged to take a new height, to reach a new level. It was a time of learning for me, and the feeling of connection that Yiya built was a priceless, precious experience.


Mother of 2, artist and academic

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